Liz's Priorities

Ensuring Student Success for life in the 21st century

  • Equality in access and resources for ALL children
    • Education as a public right
    • Providing a high-quality education
    • Continue to provide a safe environment for all students
    • Retain and hire new certified, highly trained teachers 
    • Strengthen and expand vocational opportunities
    • Reduce standardized testing
  • Strengthening the already excellent public school system in Martin County.
  • Strengthen and enhance partnerships between parents, teachers, students, business partners, and our community

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

  • Review, assess and measure all education tax dollars
  • Earmark and devote a higher percentage of tax dollars directly to schools
  • Transparency for efficiency
    • Uniform accountability of ALL schools’ academic standards and dollars spent

Local Control

  • Return to Martin County the application and approval process of charter schools and their funding
  • Keep the maximum amount of tax dollars, at home, in Martin County
  • Recover from Tallahassee the local School Board authority it has preempted